Jam Studios Eggshell | Business in a box 10% Deposit (non-refundable)

What comes in the box?

Your new business in a box...

The Jam Studios EggShell

It's Hardware, Services, Apps & Training all in one kit.

build your business with efficiency

For only $10,000 You'll receive everything you need to build your business over the next 90 days. Including a pre-loaded laptop, tons of hands on instruction, and access to a huge network of professionals who want to help you succeed. Even get access to our FULL TIME VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS (1 per 5 users).


We build you storyboards, branding, websites, pitch decks, campaigns, marketing automation, sales and so much more!


run youR business like it's a video game. 

Don't have the money right now? Don't let that stop you... We've arranged for an incredible financing opportunity with LOW INTEREST & NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET.

Need access to capital?

Here's some money for your idea 


Do have the money already? 

Just pay with your favorite app.




And Includes Money Making Courses Too!

Includes $250 In Free Udemy Credit. $100 CreatorUp! Credit. 1 Year of Lynda.com & more

We'll Even Read to you!
Instead of you reading "The 7 Day Startup," alone in a corner somewhere, Check out the video series where Justin reads you the entire book in one sitting. There will be all kinds of slides, quizzes, and visuals to make sure the key information sticks. Unlike most audiobooks, these are read with feeling and style...  And, If you'd like... You can even speed it up the video to 2x... so you can soak in the information faster and more efficiently.


Work With our Professional Network

These guys and gals are good!


The MarketingBots are here to help

We have a custom built Marketing Automation Platform Ready to go. Just tell the bots what to do. They'll send mail, remind you when a project is updated, track visitor interactions and so much more. You can even program them to go out and bring back friends for social media.


Not to mention

We can handle nearly all Software Suites

organized perfectly to meet your needs


And Now...

For the 1st Time Ever

Mac & Windows run beautifully together. Side by Side



Thanks to Virtual Computing

All you need is a display and internet connection



Fusionio Drives

We partnered with the best of the best for low latency, high-speed cloud computing. This technology is so responsive that you can play a twitch sensitive video game on a computer thousands of miles away without knowing the difference. The best part is, you can do this on a any device with a display, internet connection, and access to our software.


Up Next is a much more efficient way to program your business.


The Assembly Line Language

Within an application called Slack, you have 1 line where you write code. You can tell it to store that code in different channels or direct messages. You can tell it to do something now, or you can program it for later. You can speak freely to your computer and your team or program deep levels of interaction before they ever happen. 

You can program your robots to automate, you can program apps to do things, you can even program the tasks you need people to do in-order to get things done. The idea is, you can program ALL of the assembly line. 

Overtime, your computer and your team will actually create a language of your own. You'll be able to build your own set of shortcuts and management styles. However, the beauty is... The computer will be able to translate your shorthand into a universal language that all the integrated apps and processes can understand. 

Im particularly excited about the "Punch Card System". Just like the old days, you can program a card to do things, then enter it in the computer when you're ready for it to compute. In our case, you can write all your code on paper, scan it in, and punch individual lines whenever you're ready, or all at once. This is particularly fantastic for email. When you scan in a card that you handwrote all your email tasks on, the computer will automatically do the ones it can, and then give you a set of prompts to let you know what it needs in-order to finish the task. And, if you have a virtual assistant, you can compose more thoughtful messages over the phone (if you'd like). 


Detailed List includes:

1. The Egg Shell. (Box) 
     moulded to fit : Laptop, projector, ChromeCast, wall and car charger. USB Key, Credit Card, Instructions, brochure, Notebooks, Free Goodies, username, email settings, checking account digits. etcc

A. 2-in-1 = Laptop/Tablet
    Dell XPS 12 

B. Add on for $5K: Mac Production Kit. iMac or MacBook Pro, HardDrive, Video Camera, Lighting, Custom Printed Backdrop, etc. (includes upgraded branding and motion graphics services) 
1a. Paper Instructions
    Instructions for the OS as well as the apps that it comes pre-loaded. Instruction manual will be fun, well organized and informative. 

1b. USB Key
     Preloaded with awesome stuff! Swipe Copy, Sample Decks, Video Files and more. 

1c. Bank Card
    Will be debit, credit or both. 

1d. Spendable Vouchers: i.e) Redeemable for 1 logo design. or Redeem for $100 worth of credit on Envato. Half Day Strategy Session with Justin. 1 Hour session with Max. $250 to Clarity.fm, etc. 

1e. Wireless Ear Buds & Bluetooth Speaker. 
    Jawbone Era Headset + Wireless Beats By Dre + JamBox Mini + Up Band
    Slim USB HardDrive
2. Educational materials.
     2a. Course Binder - Complete with Dividers and worksheets
     2b. Amazing Courses - All of which are designed to take you from beginner to professional. 
        i. How to Build Digital Robots that Automate your entire business.
        ii. How to setup your business workflow
        iii. Zen - Mindfullness & Healthy lifestyle
        iv. How to Blog effectively
        vi. How does social media actually work? How do you become the most social and likeable person/orginzation in your demographic?
        vii. Sketchnotes & Basic drawing foundations.
        viii. Mental Math - Learn the secrets to solving math problems fast and in your head
        iv. SUPER LEARNING - Speed Reading & Comprehension (move to top)
  2c. Suggested Books & Audiobooks - We'll Even Read to you!
    *** Instead of you reading "The 7 Day Startup," alone in a corner somewhere, Check out the video series where Justin reads you the entire book in one sitting. There will be slides and visuals to make sure the key points stick. You'll also get to listen to the book as it's read with feeling... (unlike most audiobooks). 
 3. An amazing group of pre-selected professionals for you to work with.
     Included in this package is a $250 Credit to Clarity.fm and a $1000 credit to use toward hourly consulting within the Jam Studios network.