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3 Steps to go from novice to playing at EDM Festivals

1. The Open Labs software is the perfect place to start.

Stagelight is for  learning the basics & for quickly generating ideas with sound

Stagelight is the easiest and best way to create, share and play with music on Windows mobile and desktop devices. Stagelight comes with built-in lessons, sounds, instruments, loops, effects and much, much more. You can purchase Stagelight for $9.99. Visit http://bit.ly/1kNngJT to learn more.


After you finish learning on the OpenLabs software, this is what i would learn next. 


2. Native Instruments makes a program called...Komplete

"Komplete" lets you control every instrument you can imagine with a simple piano keyboard 


Check this out:

The Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboards are fresh new keyboards that integrate with Native Instruments. Read more about them DJTT: http://bit.ly/kontrolskey Preorder here: http://store.djtechtools.com/product_categories/2

If you learn Komplete, you can play any instrument.


3. After you learn Komplete,

The HP Sprout becomes your ultimate custom DJ Rig.

Buy Sprout by HP today! Artist and digital wizard Joshua Davis is pretty pumped about what Sprout can mean for the world of digital art. Start reimagining at http://www.Sprout.com Available for pre-order at: Best Buy: http://hp.nu/DWEv2 Microsoft Stores: http://hp.nu/DWEyT B&H: http://hp.nu/DWECq HP.com: http://hp.nu/DWEFb

You design it however you want, and you'll be able to play some serious shows. You can control lighting, sounds, keyboards, video screens and more all from this one big computer, and it will be able to run Windows and Mac at the same time.