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Here's what i've been actually building

Hey Pop, 


Check this out. This is what i've been working on with Max. 



We've been generating a database of hundreds of thousands of Investors and entrepreneurs. This week we'll be finished with our 1st complete database with over 27,000 investor profiles. Every contact includes names, emails, phone, social profiles, funding criteria, and more. With the push of a button i can literally email thousands of investors an offer without getting in spam. We can also sort by criteria, and market specific offers to specific people based on the data we have about them. We can also place internet ads only in front of the people we know are our strongest leads. It's unbelievable how cost-effective and efficient we can advertise and market now that it's 2015. 


We also are getting the entire company setup for full automation with extremely minimal overhead. As an example, this week we paid $27 for 47 hours of work with a virtual assistant. And she's very good. I also just got my mom a full time assistant who specializes in real estate for $3/hr. 


This year is the 1st year that technology is good enough for me to actually pull this stuff off. I can write very simple algorithms and flow charts that can be automated almost immediately. And, I can control the entire thing from a texting program called slack. 


Here's a couple testimonials I had made for Capital Researcher at about $10 each. 



I'm excited to show you some of the tools i've been using to automate entire business processes. As I mentioned before, I actually came up with a new type of programming language for getting things done on a global scale.  I call it "Assembly Line Language" or "ALL" 

In essence, the key is to build digital pipelines and integrate better communications and processes for any business model. It sounds a bit out there, but its actually pretty simple and straightforward. I think "Laying Digital Pipe" can be the 2015 equivalent to building railroads in the industrial revolution. Instead of laying down track, we can draw flow-charts in a program called mind meister. And with a bit of instructions, we can fully automate those flows in record time. 


The cost of building "digital pipe" is incredibly cheap. In fact, I wrote an algorithm that uses the power of compounding to start various types of business models with only $100-$1000 and grow the business exponentially using net instead of debt. 


You say in a lot of ways i'm you, and in a lot of ways you're grandpa. Well, Grandpa had a calculator. You had a slow moving desktop PC, and I have a workstation that can run processes around the globe.  Imagine what grandpa could have done if he was using the technology i have available to me today. 


In fact, here is an example of my tool box, https://mm.tt/470060907?t=LKmdRPojlY . With only a few weeks of work, i can turn this flow chart into an automated system that i can fully automate through text or voice. It would probably cost under $500/mo. to run this system. And obviously, the ROI can be very very promising.  

Create your own mind maps at MindMeister

Each one of these apps can be fully automated from a text message using the Assembly Line Language i mentioned. 

I have the Assembly Line Language designed in a way where you dont need to know code. If you do know code, you can get things done a bit faster. But if you dont, you can speak plain english and the system will understand your instructions. 

You can also teach the system your own coding language, and it will give you suggestions as well. For instance, if you say "make Justin equal to J", Now you can save 5 letters every time you mention my name.  Alternatively, the system might say to you, "Jamie, we could do emails better together if you say @Name followed by the message you want to send. Would you like me to show you some examples?" .   In this case, you are learning the system and the system is learning you. Within a few weeks, you'll have developed your own symbiotic language between you and your computer. 

This gets really impressive as you start using characters or "avatars" to help you visualize different aspects of the system. By visualizing and adding character to different aspects of the system, we can make exponentially stronger neural connections in the human brain. 


All of this can be as simple as writing a text message, or talking to a better version of Siri called "Dragon". 

I suppose i'll cut off the email here to keep it short.

Love you,