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How to properly read non-fiction

Lets start by scanning and indexing the book.

1. Read the title and subtitle on the cover, think about the pictures on the cover. 

2. take a quick scan of the back, then read it.

3. Ask yourself "what to i want to learn from this text?"

4. If the book has a "How to Read this book" section, read it.

5. open the book and read the Table of Contents. visualize how the table of content creates structure to the entire topic. 

6. Now, ask yourself again, "what do i want to learn form this text?"

7. Scan the entire book. spend 1-2 seconds per page, see the whole pages.

8. Scan again slower. spend 3-5 seconds per page seeing how that page breaks down.

9. Now you have the book indexed and should be able to find anything you're looking for fast..