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Million Dollar Strategy For Experts & Gurus

When you skip to the 30 minute mark, Brendon Burchard shows a great money making system that starts with an offer as inexpensive as a book, and leads you through a series of offerings that will make you 7 Figures. 

Yup, this is a million dollar formula for people who like to teach and give back

http://www.expertsacademy.com/theplan (skip to 30 mins)

*** Here is a perfect example of the how to position the various products and offerings in your funnel.

The Million Dollar Strategy:

  1. a consumer based product (like a book $7)
  2. a monthly subscription product (like $47 or $97/mo.)
  3. a high priced product (the big course $497/mo.)
  4. a high priced seminar ($2000)
  5. a high priced coaching program ($2k/mo. Group Coaching)
  6. And then there's $10K-$35K + Percentages & Equity opportunities
  7. and finally the potential for a $100K+ whale client