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Make Money Online | Let The Robots do all the work

I've been doing some research on making money online. 

It's actually extremely simple as long as it can be automated. 


Here's a complicated looking algorithm.

Automation = (Compare: %%Supplier%% vs. %Marketplace%). ScrapeDatabase via import.io or access API.  Sort by: (ProfitMargins * Demand * Competition). Utilize #Swipe + trained MTurk for titles. Upload Task templates based on (category + ProductType). Upload All SellableItems to %%MarketPlace%%


Here's the same algorithm written as a story: 

A robot works between Ebay and Amazon. He scrapes the data off both, then studies them, He organizes the items that have the most profit and demand, against the ones with the least competition...  Now that he's done the analysis, He copys info from amazon and posts it to ebay and press's the big sell button. Then as items are sold, he presses the amazon buy button, enters the customer's shipping address, and then amazon ships out the item to the buyer. 

Here's a few more examples:

We have another Robot that pulls from Walmart & Target and any other suppliers. And another Robot that specializes in understanding more Marketplaces like Etsy & fiverr and so much more. 

Then we have one more robot who's job is to collect the money from each marketplace and deposit it in our bank accounts :) 


And some great study materials

See if you can turn them into Stories (or algorithms) for Automation

Make Money with DropShippingSuppliers + Marketplaces

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Feel Free to copy and share this part

This might sound sillY But, I want you to turn successful interactions into a math solution. You can even Diagram, Sketch, or Storyboard the process.

The main idea is to start seeing how your sales funnels flow. Then you can copy them, make new ones, and continuously edit your flows to make them better.

Over time you'll get really good at writing out sales funnels, automating them, and duplicating them. 

For instance, in the example below, the stuff inside the %% are variables that you can switch with any email template or company:

Send %%PartnerRequestTemplate%% to %%Company%%. Follow up with 2 Calls + 3 back and for the emails before Deal was made. After Deal was made, X, Y, Z Happened, leading to 37 PotentialBuyers in 1day. After their partnership email went out, x people joined.

Checkout this blog post about turning complicated algorithms for sales automation into a story. http://justinmassion.squarespace.com/blog/category/makemoneywithrobots