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Next-Gen 360 Degree Gaming

Introducing "Next-Gen 360 Degree Gaming" by Justin Massion 

Welcome to the future of gaming (with Gamecan's 1st Game Overstep) 


It's 2015! GameCan is new & nimble... Which means we're starting with a brand new untapped, and unrestrained structure for the next great Game Company. 


"Next-Gen 360 Degree Gaming" stands for "Next Generation 360 Games" 

By taking a 360 approach to each aspect of the gaming market, we can establish a new marketplace for a new type of gaming experience that transcends platforms and introduces a new standard in game development which we can be the 1st to Market leaders. 


The combination of Unity, Journey Builder (marketing), Next Gen Platforms (PS4 & Xbox One), along with VR, Mobiles & Wearable technologies... Retail experiences, Tournaments, Merchandising, and Social Sharing... Opens up a new trend in the gaming market which we can introduce and lead in a VERY BIG WAY! 


The best part is... Everything I'm talking about is extremely do-able, affordable, and reasonable for us to accomplish. Yet, this new opportunity is completely unique to our capabilities and provides us with a major competitive advantage.  


As proven by Kickstarter & the Crowdfuning world, it's more than clear that our audience is seeking these next gen innovations and experiences in a way that is only barely being touched upon by the existing, highly established game companies. 


In fact, companies like Occulus Rift, Roberts Space Industry (Star Citizen), League of Legends and Virtuix are perfect examples of the Market's want, need, requests, expectations, loyalty and unbelievably fast rates of adoption. 


Imagine this:  

Overstep is a game perfectly poised to change the market forever. Not only does Overstep stand in the uncluttered market of Next-Gen, Free-to-Pay, Not-Play-to-Win games... It also introduces the highest level of "Physically Based Rendering" (on the Indie side, AAA is good at it, just different methodology) and a new use of "gravity" across multiple platforms.  


Overstep will also introduce "Next-Gen 360 Degree Gaming" to the world.  


So, What does that look like?  

From customer acquisition channels like Facebook ads, Social Media, Affiliate Networks, and App Store Optimization... to Multiple points of entry using multiple game platforms like Mobile, Wearable (watch), PC & Consoles... to Retail Virtual Reality experiencewhere customers at malls and other high-traffic locations can literally step into the game and play against each other both locally and across the world...  to major events like tournaments... The customer Journey becomes uniquely fluid, trackable and dynamic... Making Overstep the 1st of it's kind to be fully integrated into every aspect of their technological lifestyle.  


And once again, this is entirely affordable, capable and relatively quick to develop and deploy. 


By expanding upon, partnerships with companies like Unity, Microsoft, Facebook, Google,Apple, Steam, Occulus, Virtuix, Sales Force (Journey Builder), and Westfield, we can deploy quicker than ever! 


Unity allows us to build once and distribute to nearly all platforms. Journey Builder allows us to track every move a player makes, and intelligently respond with dynamic offers and enhanced experiences. Facebook connects us directly to any target market we choose (including, but not limited to our own). Microsoft is putting us directly in front of their entire Xbox One Community. And placing Virtual Reality experiences in high traffic locations like Westfield malls is surprisingly affordable for the 1st time. Even merchandising is at a whole new level of affordability and distribution thanks to 3D Printing & on-demand manufacturing.  


At GameCan, we are literally and truly ready to go-to-market with "Next-Gen 360 Degree Gaming". And OVERSTEP is the game to do it with! 


Development in 2015 and beyond.  

Dev Equipment and Software is highly affordable, and access to talent, marketing and business development is entirely global. We literally have the world at our fingertips.