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Setting Up the Perfect Marketing Workflow | Become 10x more productive in 1 week or less

**Gather Your Data**

This part is done. It’s floating around the internet and on your computer in places like Mailchimp, Spreadsheets, business cards, and social media. All of this data is just waiting to be exported into your new Marketing Workflow. 


**Track your habits & Make them Better**


*Passion Planner
I highly, highly suggest using passion planner for 1 week and write down what you're accomplishing each half hour. This is one of the best ways to visualize what your achieving, and just seeing it will help you to adapt to an even more efficient daily routine.  Also, you can highlight anything that relates to “making money” in green. That will help you see how much of your day is dedicated to making money. After doing my passion planner, i was surprised to see how little of my day went to things that truly bring in money... and thus, I'm making changes accordingly. 

*Five Minute Journal
Trust me on this. It’s worth every penny and takes very little time. The results after 3 days have been fabulous. This journal is designed to help you make huge strides forward each and every day.

**Better Communication
This is so imperative. There should be one place where you and your team can chat and share files.

For Team Chat, I really like *SLACK*. It gets rid of all the extra junk so you can focus on pure communications with your team. 

*Streak + Gmail* is a good solution for your general email inbox. Plus, with *Nimble* and *Rapportive*, you’ll get even better data about your customers from within gmail. And Check out Assistant.to for a great appointment scheduling app within gmail. 

Lastly, a wireless noise canceling headset will make all the difference in the world. It's all about maintaining your concentration zone. The Jobra Evolve even has a do not disturb light on the headset. Be sure to watch the video to understand exactly why this product is so important to your workflow.

**Next is Marketing Automation**


Today, API integrations are the next big thing. Being able to connect all your online tools is the key to marketing automation. Now you can save and update your contacts across all of your online apps.

Once everything is linked up, you can create all kinds of really cool marketing automations.

1. Ulysses
2. Nimble 
3. HootSuite
4. GetResponse
5. ActiveCampaign

Ulysses: By far the best writing tool i’ve found
Nimble: gathers social data about each user
HootSuite: All your social in one place

GetResponse: Beautiful Emails + Landing Pages w/Scheduling
ActiveCampaign: Ties everything together


Bonus Task: Setup Segment.io now, to help gather a ton of data for later. 


**Offer Financing**

If your product is expensive, then offer some form of financing to get them in the door! Checkout MeetEarnest.com & Upstart.com for some of the best examples of how financing can be targeted to a demographic very similar to yours. There are all kinds of models for financing. From "loans" to "subscriptions" to "3 easy payments of $195", etc. Even selling a product at a flat cost is technically a form of financing. 

In another post, i'll talk about Finance & Money apps. But for now, just think about how you can make your products more affordable for your customers. 



Find new partners & marketplaces to widen your reach. Finding Affiliate Partners, co-promotional partners, and loyalty programs can be huge. Also, are there any marketplaces out there that can sell what you have to offer? For instance, if you have an educational platform for making and selling educational content, why not sell on Udemy and other networks where you can increase your products exposure to new students. *Distributors want your content and they’ll bring you customers if you set things up right!*