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Work Sustains Technology... Not Entertainment

The Reason 3DTV had a big rise and quick fall is because its use never went beyond Entertainment. 


3D Video, 3D Games & 3D Porn may have gotten the technology going... But its only value is entertainment. And entertainment alone is not enough of a reason for a technology to stick around. 


If you can do "work" on your 3D display, then it becomes an "asset". 


3DTV Failed because no-one made Microsoft Office in 3D or a web-browser in 3D, or a way to make money using your 3D Display. 


As pessimists, we often think that people are driven by laziness. Well, I believe the death of 3DTV contradicts that point.   Lazy Entertainment alone was not enough to sustain the 3DTV Industry.   3DTVs would only be around today if they aided in our ability to be productive, get shit done, and make more money. 



So, The same is going to be true for VR.  If all we do is make VR Entertainment, then it will rise and fall.  But, if we are able to do real work in VR, then it will rise to exponential heights above the success of the personal computer industry. 


The personal computer took over the world because it allowed people to do more work and make more money... Yes you could play games, yes you could listen to music. But no, entertainment was not the sustaining factor. 


Arguably, the early adopters that had calculators could perform 10x better than those that only had pen and paper. Then, the early adopters who got computers could perform 100x better than those with calculators. And finally, the early adopters who do their work in 3D/VR should perform 1000x better than those with 2D Computers. 


I believe the early adopters like me who can build and utilize "Office and Productivity environments" in VR will perform 1000x more "efficient" and on a greater scale in comparison to those who have 2 monitors on their desk. 


In VR, we are not limited to time and costs of building a super office. In VR, you can build the most high-tech office the world has ever seen. And you can duplicate as many times as you want for FREE. 


Your new VR office is at least 1000x cooler than your Home Office, it's at least 1000x cheaper to build, and its at least 1000x more efficient. 



So in closing, ENTERTAINMENT DOES NOT MATTER. The ability for individuals to GET MORE WORK DONE AND MAKE MORE MONEY is the #1 factor in the potential success of this rising technology.