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Hey Pop,

Here's a quick list of things you need to do to finish setting up your computer. 

Please set an appointment with the GeekSquad at BestBuy and give them this list. 

You can also visit this link to see what your new laptop is capable of: www.JustinMassion.com/jamos


For Geek Squad:

  1. Please install Microsoft Office, Outlook & Microsoft's Calendar
    1. these need to work with and without an internet connection
  2. Please Sync. Outlook & The calendar with iCloud & Google Apps
    1. Apple ID = lsmp@earthlink.net
    2. Google Apps = jamie@fishordie.net
  3. Please teach my dad the basics of how to move around in Windows 8.
    1. He switched from a macbook air to the Lenova Yoga Pro 3
    2. The majority of his time will be spent in Email, Calendar, Firefox & Microsoft Office
    3. He also needs to get an understanding of how the file browser works. Especially how to save to dropbox, and find files in dropbox
  4. Please teach him how to backup his entire computer to his external hard drive
  5. Please provide credit or a return for the web root software.