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Talent & Associates

A gifted group of individuals dedicated to helping you succeed

Justin Massion
Founder, Director

Sheldon Holland

Max Royale Crowdfunding

Mark O'Bannon
Growth Hacking

Gie Diego Executive Assistant

Maria Carbigas Executive Assistant

Nicholas Fera Recording Artist

Judith Smiley

Hassan Zimmou Animator

Gina Alessi  Graphic Designer

Eric Sornoso Growth Hacker

Julius Wachs Attourney

Michele Massion Real Estate

Kevin Valan Editor

Carla Estimada Project Manager

Muhammad Bilal Web Developer

Yossi Mynsky
App Development

Lee Levin Video Production

Lonny Mulligan Sales

Michael Kahn Attorney

Charles Yesnick Attorney

Kevin Berson Business Dev

Barry Millay Sales Team Specialist

Jimmy Diggs Writer/Producer

Jeffrey Hampton Musician