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Talent & Associates

A gifted group of individuals dedicated to helping you succeed

Justin Massion
Founder, Director

Sheldon Holland
Merchant Processing

Jake P.

Mark O'Bannon
Growth Hacking

Michael Kahn

Hassan Zimmou

Michele Massion
Real Estate

Lee Levin
Video Production

Lonny Mulligan
Sales Leadership

Charles Yesnick

Barry Millay 
Sales Team Specialist

Open Positions

Motion Interface Designer

Do you ever wonder why all of our interfaces seem so flat and stuck? We want the UI / UX guys & gals who want to make UI as it should be. Simple, Sexy and beautifully skinned.


  • Professional Portfolio and Attitude.
  • Fast, Efficient & Multi-skilled Designer
  • A Variety of style capabilities
  • Ability to Code is a plus, not a must
  • Illustration & Storyboard skills is a big plus

Design Intern

Are you not sure what to do with your awesome skills? You know your good, but not sure where to go. Come work us and work on some amazing projects. You'll get a ton of training in exchange for your hard work.



  • Willing to trade knowledge and experience for work
  • Very Skilled in your particular category of design
  • Willing to meet specific hours and tasks


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